Dragging bystanders from the unflattering lights of life, Sean Higgins’ work teems with a candyfloss humour, as he explores the motifs of fashion, celebrity, beauty, dance, contemplation, eroticism and music.

Based in Melbourne, Sean embarked on a career in photography when most in his age group were generally more concerned with battling acne. He quickly became a visual junkie, pulling all-nighters to achieve a level of perfection in his work that would tire the most hardened sufferers of OCD. In an age where the mantra of modern photography seems very much to be “shoot now, pray later” Sean’s high work ethic is refreshing, to say the least.

Sean has gone on to be published in the likes of Dance Australia Magazine, Fashion Journal, Fashion Trend Magazine, OhLaLa Magazine (France), Kismet Magazine (UK) and Runway Magazine (USA).

He has been termed a ‘fashion photographer’ but Sean’s desire to create new looks goes far beyond clothes; we see people as he uniquely sees them. Sean understands price but has a deeper awareness of the value; it is a successful pop-media-photography crossover, with music practically ricocheting from the lens. Away from fashion/portraiture, Sean adores working with musicians on creating album artwork, and has recently tapped into a deep-found love for Dance Photography.
Being a dancer himself, he understands line and shape and is able to capture just the right moment from just the right angle in his work.

Fast becoming the Swiss Army Knife of the digital age, Sean Higgins has his eye on all of us. It won’t be long before the inverse is true.